About Us

Our mission

The mission of The Rising Strings Academy is to provide students from all around the world access to music education and development, so that they excel in their musical journey and in life.

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The more you learn, the better your ability to learn becomes.

Research shows that the brain is far more flexible than we previously thought and that learning is far more dynamic and impactful than we realize. The more we engage in learning and practicing, the more we build our ability to learn even more. The benefits of continuous learning are also cumulative in nature and the knowledge and skills gained in one area often benefit other areas. For example, learning a new language can improve written and verbal communication skills in your native language. In addition, practicing in a certain area or skill set can help you learn and retain other types of knowledge.

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Kalina Jankova
Founder, Rising Strings Academy

Who we are

We're proud of our ability to design a musical education future that will help you learn and develop your musical talent and passion.

We are a group of friends, family and specialist musicians who came together to help others discover the impact of music. As musicians and educators, we seek to share our years of experience with students from all over the world. Giving them the chance to learn new skills, improve their mental health and cognitive abilities, and find new ways to practice, perform, and develop themselves as much as possible.

Each member of the Rising Strings Academy started their musical journey at a very young age, from working as individual performers, to being part of large orchestras, playing in bands and quartets and teaching for many years. We feel that today, more than ever, music education must reach out and become accessible for as many people as possible.



Our team


Kalina Jankova
Founder, Violin, Music Theory
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Nick Apostolov
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Vera Folstad
Piano, Organ
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Trond Folstad
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Alessandro Sicardi
Guitar, Music Production
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Tomas Kolodzej
Classic Guitar
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Erik Frennberg
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Made up of a group of specialist musicians and teachers, we take pride in being able to design and define a musical education future that will impact the way you learn and develop your musical talent and passion.