Kalina Jankova

"Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing" - John Erskine

Kalina Jankova was raised in a family of musicians and started playing the violin at age of 6 and piano at age of 8. She graduated from The Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo with a degree in Music and violin. She later continued and got her pedagogic education from the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg.

Over the past 20 years she worked together with Göteborgs Operan, Norrköping symphony orchestra, Helsingborg symphony orchestra and some great jazz and flamenco musicians. As an educator, she has worked with kids of all ages, founded Kindermusik Sweden and been part of the Suzuki foundation in Sweden.

Kalina’s biggest passion is to bring music experience and joy to children, students and their families, providing violin education in all stages of development from new beginner to advanced students and amateurs. She can teach in Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Bulgarian. In her spare time she also plays jazz and composes music.


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