Develop your passion.

Raising Strings Academy online piano lessons offer you instant feedback from an experienced teacher, which is something you just can't get from videos on YouTube. The teacher can tailor their teaching style to your needs and will be able to work out a plan to improve your playing.

Are you into Classical Music, Jazz, Blues, or maybe Pop? We can offer different styles depending on your interest.


This course is available in the following languages: English, Norwegian and Bulgarian.


Piano Programs


In this beginner classical piano program, learn the fundamentals of piano and play your first classical pieces! Designed for beginners, this program will teach you the basic elements of classical piano, such as proper hand position, note reading, and simple chords.


Reach the next level by taking this intermediate piano program! Improve your technique and learn to play the pieces you always wanted!


This program is geared towards experienced players. Our teachers share their experiences as classical schooled pianists and vision of music to help you develop your technique!


Made up of a group of specialist musicians and teachers, we take pride in being able to design and define a musical education future that will impact the way you learn and develop your musical talent and passion.