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Welcome to Rising Strings Academy, a hub for immersive musical experiences that pave the way for innovative learning.

We offer a range of activities, from engaging hands-on musical sessions for all ages and abilities to extensive online education programs. Our seasoned team, boasting four decades of expertise, is dedicated to the transformative power of music. Here at Rising Strings, we tailor each individual's journey in music, recognizing their unique musical path. We emphasize collaboration and community, guiding participants from their initial steps to becoming proficient musicians. In an environment fuelled by passion, empathy, and creativity, our learners grasp music and shape their future through its rhythms and melodies.

My courses

While larger music education institutions may offer the additional benefit of socializing, not everyone can find such schools close to their home at a reasonable price, with an instructor suitable for the type of lesson or genre of music they want to learn.


Embark on a musical journey with our comprehensive violin lessons designed for learners of all levels. Whether you're a beginner seeking the fundamentals or an intermediate player aiming to refine your skills, our step-by-step lessons provide a structured and enjoyable learning experience.

Our platform offers personalized learning paths to accommodate individual goals and preferences. Explore various musical genres, from classical to contemporary, as you tailor your violin education to suit your interests.

Each lesson is carefully crafted to build upon the previous one, ensuring a seamless and effective progression.

Dive into the music you love with breakdowns of popular songs and classical pieces. Our instructor will guide you through the intricacies of each piece, breaking down challenging sections and offering insights into technique and interpretation.

Whether you aspire to play timeless classical compositions or the latest chart-topping hits, our lessons make it accessible and enjoyable.


In this beginner violin course, learn the fundamentals of the violin and play your first pieces! You will understand the parts of the violin, how to hold and tune it. By the end of this course, you will be able to play simple songs.

Reach the next level by taking this intermediate violin course! Improve your technique and learn to play the pieces you've always wanted.

This program is designed for experienced players. Our teachers share their experiences as classically trained violinists and their vision of music to help you develop your technique.

Enhance your knowledge of violin chords and scales in this intermediate course given by Kalina Jankova, and start to improvise with your instrument! Depending on your music taste, you will learn the fundamentals of your preferred style.

Whether you're preparing for conservatory or graduate auditions, focusing on winning your next professional job, or refining your performance skills, you can get help from our experienced teacher, Kalina Jankova, who has played in more than 30 auditions.

Music theory

Music theory is the study of musical practices and structures. It helps create a framework for understanding why music works the way it does and how to experiment with what's possible. Music theory incorporates not just the sounds, but also the fundamental language of music.

Music theory can be defined as the study of music - the effort to find out more about the art we already know so much about. In music, we have a body of knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation, from composer to composer and from performer to performer. In theory, we have the effort to describe, analyse, and organize the knowledge about music. Music theory is the road map to music, the effort to find out more about the art.

This course covers only the essentials of music theory. Music is a vast subject, and the advanced theory that students might explore after mastering the basics varies widely. For instance, a trumpet player interested in jazz, a vocalist focused on early music, a pianist pursuing classical composition, and a guitarist exploring world music will each delve into different aspects of music theory. However, all these paths are rooted in the same foundational principles.


Your study of music theory will help you to realize the potential of your musical intuition and will help you to express the fullness of your musicianship. Understanding and using musical theory also makes you better able to communicate with other musicians.

You may already have an excellent ear for pitch and intonation, but when you study Music Theory in this course, you will discover that there is much more to know. As a result, your ability to hear and play with greater understanding will be improved. In the same way, you will learn more about every field and genre of music.

A beginner's course to Music Theory teaches you to build scales and chords using the major scale and minor scale. You'll also learn chord progressions (notated in Roman numerals), scale degrees, and some ear training.  If you have never studied an instrument or music theory, we can create a very basic course to start with.

This course introduces concepts central to basic music theory. You can learn blues and pentatonic scales, relative minors, and common chords. Reading chords from sheet music is no longer going to be a mystery.

Depending on your instrument and style of music you are keen to learn, we can tailor a course that will fit your needs and demands.

About Kalina


Kalina Jankova was raised in a family of musicians and began playing the violin at the age of 6 and the piano at the age of 8. She graduated from The Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo with a bachelor's degree in Music and Violin. Later, she continued her studies and obtained her pedagogic education from the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg. Over the past 20 years, she has collaborated with institutions such as Göteborgs Operan, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, and notable jazz and flamenco musicians.

As an educator, Kalina has worked with children of all ages, founding Kindermusik Sweden and being an integral part of the Suzuki Foundation in Sweden. Her diverse experiences have enriched her teaching approach, allowing her to connect with students at various levels of proficiency.

Kalina's greatest passion lies in imparting musical experiences and joy to children, students, and their families. She is dedicated to providing violin education across all stages of development, from new beginners to advanced students and amateurs. Fluent in Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Bulgarian, she ensures a personalized and accessible learning environment for her students.

In her spare time, Kalina indulges in her love for jazz, actively playing and even venturing into music composition. Her commitment to both education and artistic expression reflects her belief in the transformative power of music in enriching lives.


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