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An online music education platform, designed to provide students from all around the world with access to music education and development.


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"The language of music is common to all generations and nations; it is understood by everybody, since it is understood with the heart".

– Gioacchino Rossini

Why choose us?


We are a group of experienced musicians and educators who have spent the past four decades in music and education academies. We know the impact that music has to offer but most importantly, we understand the relationship between music and education and how effective personalization and environmental triggers are on student development.

Our educators create a program based on the student's age, musical knowledge, and previous instrument skills and share their experiences with you in a way that can impact your current knowledge of your musical development. Programs at the Rising Strings Academy allow you to access structure, experience, and information from our educators in a simple, contextual way, securing a fulfillment of your personal goals in your musical needs.

Beginner to Expert

Choose between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our instructors create a program based on the student's age, musical knowledge, and previous instrument experience, if any, and share their expertises with you. If you wish, you can request a one-on-one meeting with our instructors.


Study Anywhere

You are no longer restricted to your local area to find good teachers. Typically, a student cannot achieve his or her full potential due to lack of suitably experienced teachers in their area. Learning online will enable you to select your teacher or program, not based on nearest location, but on the talent and knowledge of the teacher.

Progressive Programs

Leave nothing to chance by learning an instrument consistently! Our programs will allow you to acquire the solid base you’ll need if you want to start learning a specific style of music. We offer innovative programs for students who are looking for a flexible format, top-notch teachers and unique learning methodologies.


Made up of a group of specialist musicians and teachers, we take pride in being able to design and define a musical education future that will impact the way you learn and develop your musical talent and passion.